Home Automation

Your Home is your safest place in the world. Your family members are your soul mates. You can ease your family's lifestyle with the help of latest technology & can save money by energy management. Home automation devices can transform your home into a push-button smart home. You can control easily your lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, security, entertainment as well as home appliances just by your favorite gadgets. Home Automation can simplify your life, boost up your security and save energy by the smart way.

Lighting Automation

Intelligent network based lighting control solution maximize the energy savings and comply with green building and energy conservation programs. This smart lighting system is commonly known as lighting automation. Ability to control individual lights or groups of lights from a single user interface device gives it advantage over the conventional manual switching system.


Room Automation

The trend in room automation is to ensure energy optimization by connecting all the electronic devices to control room temperature, lighting and drapes. This technology permits not only user-friendly and energy-efficient, but also of lights and blinds. This means you can adjust all room functions individually to your requirements with a single control unit.

Class Room Automation

Traditional classroom environment has been substituted with automation in a rapid manner. The objective of transformation the classroom into a dynamic learning environment is to make learning more interactive, collaborative, and effective. Classroom Automation includes Effective Presentations, Easy Control, Live Participation and Lecture Capture & Streaming. Integrated AV and lighting systems create the perfect presentation setup for unique learning experiences. Starting class with the touch of a button makes it easy for anyone to select content to present, adjust lighting and shades, and even record lectures. Learning online with capture and streaming technology provides students instant access to the classroom no matter where they are or when they need it.


Building Automation

With Building Automation Technology, conventional facilities can be transformed into dynamic, flexible and intelligent buildings with higher efficiencies, lower costs and greater returns. The objectives of building automation are improved occupant comfort, efficient operation of building systems, and reduction in energy consumption and operating costs, and improved life cycle of utilities. From security to elevators to HVAC to lighting, Building Automation enables comprehensive monitoring and management of nearly every aspect of your facilities.

Hotel Automation

The Hotel Automation System enables hotel guests to experience enhanced comfort through microprocessor-based smart bed-side consoles, which allow them to operate all the systems in their room from the comfort of their bed with a touch. It enables seamless integration with HVAC, door locks, computerized maintenance management & reservation system and guest room management system. It also displays guest services requests such as privacy; make up room, butler and room service requests.


Intelligent Security

To protect an organization from external and inside threats Intelligence Security System provides with decision support and possibly a strategic advantage. Intelligence Security System is a comprehensive approach that integrates multiple processes and practices designed to protect the organization. Advances in digital technology have made Intelligent Security System far more cost-effective, flexible, and simple to operate. Security systems using IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are easy to install and maintain, and can be customized and scaled to perfectly match your specific needs. From the warning and aversion of threats to the prevention of terrorism and the provision for the safety of people and economic well-being of businesses, Intelligent Security System would be your best choice.

Fire Alarm System

Troubleshoot Technologies offers an extensive range of fire alarm systems ranging from simple manual fire alarm systems through to complex and integrated systems employing the latest technology for larger buildings. When Conventional Systems cannot distinguish between a real fire and the various non-fire phenomena that can trigger an alarm such as tobacco smoke, dust and steam, today’s smart Fire alarm systems ensure that if a fire were to break out, you would be able to alert everyone with your addressable fire alarm. Our design team is able to tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.